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you've been a great audience, really

Ran Dom Sock
30 August
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You can call me Rachelle, I'm 18, and I will be graduating from college this spring with an Associate's Degree in Fine Arts. I will then be transfering to receive my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. I enjoy listening to and writing music, reading and writing stories, and watching and making movies. I have tried almost every art form and am a purist when it comes to graphic design. My inspiration for graphic design comes from my extensive playlist, my substantial movie collection, pre-raphaelite and modern abstract art, typography, and mostly my glorious King.

Looking for icons? Head over to mine and undercoveregg's community, iconmen.

Screencaps/Stock Photos
: Lost-Media.com
: Cap_it
: Resurgere
: 100fonts.com
: dafont.com
Lyrics/Music Playlist
: Counting Crows
: Oasis
: Fall Out Boy
: Death Cab for Cutie
: Jem
: Phantom Planet
: Switchfoot
: The All-American Rejects
: Green Day
: The Killers
: Franz Ferdinand
: Moulin Rouge ST
: The Ataris
: Straylight Run
: The Beatles
: Enya
: Loreena McKennitt
: Michelle Branch
: The OC season 1 ST
: A Walk to Remember ST
: Josh Groban

All textures, brushes, gradients, etc, are mine and are made from scratch unless they are created from stock photography.

Please talk to me if you really feel like it! I'm nice enough I think :) I'll even answer questions if you have any.
AIM: simply corking
MSN: shelly(@)never-ending.nu
email: shelly(@)never-ending.nu
website: never-ending.nu